So, what is Gaben Party?

Steam is a great service. It has a fantastic catalog of games, good uptime, and robust community features (such as groups, voip, recommendations, etc). Sadly, there are several things which Steam hasn't offered and are very useful to its userbase.

Gaben Party was created to address those features which Steam proper lacks.

Gaben Party is not a replacement to Steam, but instead an augmentation to the current features.

Why is it so animated?

What?! WHAT?! You don't like the fun nature? You want a BORING site!
The developer of Gaben Party works as a systems engineer for his day job. He wanted to have fun in his side project. If you REALLY want a boring version of gaben party, I heard that https://boring.gaben.party is being worked on but it's REALLY boring.

Why is all of Gaben Party HTTPS?

You're welcome.

Why is it named Gaben.Party?

Well, It was going to be named Steam.Party instead but there was concern that Valve wouldn't take too kindly to the use of their trademark.
While com.steampowered.store was available and would have been hysterical, it was over $6k for the domain alone and there was no question Valve would have had their lawyers all over it.

Gaben.Party was suggested as a pseudo joke from a friend and the domain was only $0.88. And like that, history was made.

What is a Gaben?


Are you associated with Valve?

I WISH! But narp. Just a developer / gamer.

What are the operating costs for Gaben Party?

Well, there are three full time developers, a designer, marketing... bwahahahaha.
Just kidding.
$0.88 for the domain name and a $35/year VM from BudgetVM.

VM?! Why not use containers?

I'm not using containers for the same reason I don't ride a fixed gear bicycle, code in Node.JS, and drone on about all the reasons Apple makes the best hardware.
Containers are, in my experience, great for development.

I like the cut of your jib. I'd like to donate!

Well I'd like to take your money!

Who are you?


Woah! You have a ton of games on Steam!

Yeah, I know.

No, seriously, holy crap you have a ton of games!

Yes... I know.

Why do you have so many g...

Look, let's stop you right there. I have one hobby. I love video games. I buy all my games on sales (usually in bundles). I have had my steam account since... well, forever.
Also, I don't owe you an explanation! Back off! You don't know me!

Why are you so defensive?

I have a problem.

I bet you're one of those people who bought a Vive.

Well I bet you're one of those people who likes profiling. I don't like profiling... even if it is accurate.

Anything else you want to say?

I'll have you know that I'm very generous, OK?! I buy a lot of games for my friends too! I don't just hoard games for myself. Also, I play my games, I'm not a "Collector". Furthermore, I don't even know WHY anyone cares about the size of someone's Steam Library! No one freaks out when you have a ton of books in a book shelf! No one's whispering to their friends about the guy who has boxes of DVD's. That's all socially acceptable. BUT NO.... have a couple thousand games and suddenly you're "That Guy" who's a freak! All of this text has zero opacity! It's not even possible to read it, and yet here you are trying to. Wait... how are you reading this? Seriously. It's impossible. Did you copy and paste it out of my website?! That's stealing! You'd better hit that "donation" button!