Change Log


  • Added "Duration" to XHR requests (with all the changes to caching, I want to watch performance metrics)
  • Added explanation blurb for creating a party
  • Added option to launch game from party games list
  • Added API request counter to keep from hitting request limit from steam (Good Guy Gaben.Party)
  • Added changelog (this, lol)
  • Improved Steam API caching mechanism. It now is a two staged cache resulting in the maximum number of free workers when under load
  • Updated party creation box to be fixed postion (so it won't get lost while scrolling through friends list)
  • Refactored caching logic resulting in a 2x caching performance gain for some calls (this was noticed by the duration addition listed above)
  • Requested logo design for $5 from fiverr


  • Requested new API token (old one was used for a different personal app)
  • Added in Caddy rewrite rules for prettier URLs
  • Started gnarly card count finder... I don't like this part of the code.


  • BudgetVM has rebuilt my VM with a unique IP address now
  • BudgetVM has explained that they do not expect this to happen again... but it could.


  • Random VM connection issues. Opened a ticket with budgetvm thinking it is host issues
  • Updated ticket with budgetvm, I was given one of their other customer's vm IP address...
  • Verified that I can take down all three domains from that customer's vm by resetting my vm, lol